Saturday, December 5, 2009

More New Amp Details

I’ve learned a few more details about the new soon-to-be-released harp amp I previewed in an earlier thread. The amp is called “The Chicago.” A photo of the 2x10 version appears above. This is a mid-sized amp in a tweed Super cab, with 30-watts of power, NOS military grade paper in oil capacitors, priced at $1000.

The name on the amp has been obscured because the builder is not yet ready to announce.

There will also be a second harp-specific amp offered by this builder: “The Memphis.” It is a smaller amp built on the tweed Deluxe platform. The circuit was inspired by the 1960 Premier Twin 8, particularly the tone stack model. The amp will use a single power tube, (KT66, 6L6, or 6V6, swappable), NOS paper in oil caps, 12-inch premium Eminence speaker, and True Tone line out. The amp will produce 10 watts of power and will weigh less than 35 pounds. The price has not been finalized, but will probably be in the $800 range.

I’ve played the prototype Memphis amp. The tone is outstanding; warm, smooth, full, with just the right amount of crunch. These amps should be available in a few weeks. I’ll have the first reviews here.

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