Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Memphis Mini Speaker Test

Speaker comparison test, please listen and vote. Many thanks to JD Taylor for his wonderful playing.

Five different 8-inch speakers in the Memphis Mini amp. Which two do you prefer? You may leave a comment here or email me at


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kinder Soulful Amp

Some of the best amped harp tone you will ever hear:  JD Taylor playing his custom Kinder Soulful amp with MM Delay pedal.

Orange Tiny Terror amp

The Orange Tiny Terror 15-watt tube amp has always been interesting to harp players, I think, but it was less than ideal because of its very high gain preamp stage and its EL84 power tubes.  That makes it a fun guitar amp but makes it shrill and feedback-prone when mic'd up for harp.

I developed the MM Harpman pedal with amps like this in mind, but I haven't had the chance to test the pedal with this particular amp.  Today a customer ordered the Harpman to put in front of his Orange Tiny Terror.  I'd like to hear the TT amp calmed down and warmed up a bit.  Hopefully he'll send a video.   I'll post it here if he does.