Monday, December 3, 2018

Mic Up or Line Out?

Players ask me all the time which method is best to get your amped sound into the PA mix:  mic up or line out?

The answer with the Stage 5 amp is BOTH.  While our Stage 5 Amp’s line out does carry much of the signal from speaker effect is doesn’t get it all, so mic’ing up is better, right?  Well, not exactly. 

A common thought about small amps like the Stage 5 is that it lacks the bottom end of its bigger cousins.  Here is the dirty secret:  The Stage 5 makes the same bandwidth of signal as those big amps, including the fat bottom.  The thing that rolls off the lows in small amps is the small speaker.  When you run the full-range line out signal from the Stage 5 through a 3000 watt stage system with subs you get to hear those thumpin’ lows.

Next time you play your Stage 5 Amp on a big stage in a loud club or festival go ahead and throw a mic in front of it AND run a line to the mixer.  Balance the two to your taste:  Crunch from the mic and thump from the line.  Your sound will be spectacular.  You can thank me later.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Our renowned MM Blues Harmonica Delay Pedal is finally back in stock!. The price is only $75 for the best sounding harp delay out there. Click to the website for video demos and details.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gary O'Riley tries the Stage 5 RS Amp

"I had a chance to try a Ronnie Shellist signature Stage 5 amp. Thumbs up! I was pleasantly surprised with the amp. Lot of fun putting it thru the paces... I like how it can be dialed in to sound vintage with warm breakup, good cut & bite. Winner my friend."

Monday, June 4, 2018

Tube Amp Tone Myths

I have been very skeptical of (and very vocal about) printed circuit boards (PCB) in harp amps.  My experience developing the Stage 5 Amp from the PCB Monoprice amp has changed my mind on this.  A well-made PCB amp can look a hand wired amp in the eye and not blink.

This article discusses that and other tube amp tone myths.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Little Fatty Anti-Feedack / Tone Pedal

Lose the Feedback -- Dial in the Fat Tone

Our newest product for pro harp players: The Little Fatty pedal.

-Reduce feedback
-Fatten your tone
-Dial it in to your taste
-No batteries or power supply needed
-Only $50

The Little Fatty will help you get good harp tone through a high gain guitar amp and let you dial in the fat sound you crave. It does not require any batteries or power supply, and it has only one knob for setup.

Pro touring players often use rental amps available in the towns they play. That means they are usually faced with playing through a high gain guitar amp such as the Fender Deville. The Little Fatty allows any player to get workable blues harp tone through an unruly beast of an amp. The Little Fatty will calm the high gain spikes and warm up the highs that otherwise lead to screaming feedback. Use the FAT control to dial in the tone you want, from thick low end to singing highs or anything in between.

It is not intended for use with a good harp amp, such as our Memphis Mini or Memphis 20, or other fine custom harp amps. It is meant for use with a stock guitar amp that has not been "tubed down" or otherwise had the gain reduced.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jake Friel playing the Stage 5 Amp in Memphis

This is Jake Friel at the Memphis Blues Amps Jam on Beale Street in Memphis during the International Blues Challenge.  Jake get great crunch and punch our of the Stage 5 Amp.

Playing my Stage 5 Amp

This is me noodling around with my Stage 5 Amp. I love the sound of this bad boy. Great volume, punch and presence, with colorful overtones and a nice breakup on the leading edge of the notes. Some folks have wondered how the amp sounds in the hands of a more modest player; a player unlike Ronnie or JD or Jake. Well, I am that modest player, and playing this amp makes me smile. -- Rick Davis

Friday, April 20, 2018

Jake Friel Jamming On Beale Street with Stage 5 Amp

The Stage 5 Harp Amp in Memphis juke joint late night jam, January 18, 2018. Jake Friel playing.

You can buy that amp for $229 at

Big Tone from Al Chesis on the Stage 5 Amp

Al Chesis & The Delta Sonics at Westminster Brewing Company in the Denver metro area. Al is playing the Stage 5 amp, standard model. Excellent tone, and listen to the bottom end when he goes to the big chromatic harmonica. Amazing! The amp is not lined out or mic'ed up to the PA. You can buy the Stage 5 Amp exactly like this for $229.