Monday, August 15, 2016


I’ve been to the SPAH harmonica convention. About half the people in the hallways at the SPAH convention are selling something: Their own playing, CDs, lessons, custom harps, cases, amps, mics, effects, etc. They are hustling their goods… That is why they go to SPAH. Yet some shitty little ass-hat from SPAH accosted a customer of mine who offered to show his own MM Harpman pedal to other attendees. No one else got molested by the weasel, just my customer.

It comes from a very old beef with the weasel years ago in Colorado. Shit, let it go, Gomer. Too bad if I hurt your feelings 10 years ago. It’s a shame that SPAH allows petty petulant cry-babies to speak for them and to accost harp players minding their own business and discussing gear with other attendees.

UPDATE:  My little company - Memphis Blues Amps - has more customers than SPAH has members.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Nice Fat Masco Tone

A few weeks ago JD Taylor asked me to send him a couple of the custom speakers we use in Memphis Mini amps. He mounted one of them in a 2x8 cab with a vintage Jensen P8Q to use with his Masco amp. He played the rig at Rum Boogie in Memphis last weekend and sent this video. His phone was mounted on his mic stand and was pointed at the floor monitors, so there's not much visual appeal here, but the tone is FAT! Check this out.