Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The New “MM HARPMAN” Pedal

The MM Harpman pedal was designed to help working harp players solve the problems we face when confronted with an amp that may not be ideal. Guitar amps often suffer from issues that make them bad for blues harp: screaming feedback, icepick tone, no break-up, and not enough range in the tone controls to make it sound good for harp.

The MM Harpman is way more than just a feedback solution. It has controls that allow you to sculpt your amp’s sound: you can boost or cut Volume, Gain, Treble, and Bass. It will reduce the feedback, cut the harsh highs, boost the warm lows, and get you closer to that nice break-up point.

Using this pedal you can get decent usable blues harp tone from a bad amp. It may not get perfect vintage tone from a bad amp, but it will calm the amp enough that you can do your job and play the blues. You can use the MM Harpman to calm down and warm up nearly any amp, including your good harp amps.

$49 is a very nice price point for such a versatile tool for working harp players. The price will go up later, but not by much. I can think of two feedback pedals that sell for many times as much. I can think of another that sells for about the same but all it does is cut your mic volume by a set amount and offers zero adjustments.

Remember, all amps are different and they all will require a different “dialing in” on the MM Harpman pedal to get to that sweet spot. There is an easy pattern of adjustments you will need to make while using your ears to fine tune it for whatever amp you are using. It ain’t “just Plug ‘n’ Play,” but the improved tone is worth it.

We will begin shipping these pedals in about three weeks.  Visit our website HERE.