Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1951 Fender Champion 600 5B1 Two-Tone -- SOLD!!!!

This is an amazing unmolested vintage Fender amplifier.  Everything is original, right down to the leather handle and the old 2-prong electrical plug.

There are no cracks, tears or rips in the tolex , and the grill cloth is perfect.   I have never seen a 64 year old Champion 600 in such perfect shape.   I have done nothing to it, not even cleaning off the patina.  It has been sitting in a closet for at least 40 years.  No mouse turds or insects.  It is time-capsule find.

The amp plays perfectly.  The pilot lamp glows.  There is no hum or static, and there is no smoke or smell.  The sound is pure vintage Fender tone. 

I decided to leave it a perfect example of the era rather than making any upgrades or changes.  I will leave it to the new owner to decide if he wants to change the plug or replace the caps.

The price is $1150.  No trades.  The amp is offered AS IS with no warranty.  Payment through PayPal.  You can contact me via FB message or email at bluesharpamps@gmail.com.