Friday, February 28, 2014

This Memphis Mini amp is going to a customer in France

The box at the lower right is a step up transformer that allows me to test the amp with the proper 230V power.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Memphis Mini amp Ready for Shipping

$490 at

What players are saying about the Memphis Mini amp:

"The Mini arrived yesterday safe and sound.  What a sweet little amp!!  You’re right it does kick ass. Thanks again for all your help. Happy, Happy Camper."

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"Dollar for dollar it's the best 5-watt harp amp on the market."

- - - -

"It sounds like a beefier tweed Champ."

- - - -

"The Memphis Mini is a giant in tone and versatility. I got mine today and played all different styles of blues and rock. I added a bit of room reverb to it, and even a short delay signal sounds nice. And it's a quality built beauty, too. This amp is definitely worth every dime. Thanks Rick!"

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Just as a follow-up, the amp came in today.  I picked it up and nothing was damaged in shipping.

Ran through it as-is with 12AU7 tube.  I see no reason to pop it out and go experimenting at this time.  I will probably do that when the speaker starts to break in just to satisfy my curiosity.  As can be expected, the speaker is stiff from being new, but I see nothing that would lead me to believe this isn't a great fit.

Just playing around with it; it has great texture.  If I were betting, I'm pretty sure this is going to exceed the old tweed Champ tone I got from my 1959 Champ when it breaks in.  I can already hear it going on in there.  Just a pretty amp to boot.  With the economy being what it is and most players either not gigging much or playing smaller venues, I'm guessing these amps are going to get traction in the market.

I'm going to break the speaker in and in a few weeks will use it at a gig with the line out feature to see if me, the amp and the soundman can coexist in sweet love and harmony.

First impression is very good and I think you have scored a 2400 on the SAT.  Great job.

best regards"

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"Whew!  That's got a lot of kick!"

- - - -

"Saving my pennies, man.  I want one!"

- - - -

"A Great Little Amp that IMO edges out my all-original '57 Champ."

What blues fans are saying:

"This is the best I have ever heard you sound."