Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Nighthawks - Mark Wenner harp solo

Mark plays a Shure Green Bullet mic into a stock '59 Fender Bassman re-issue amp (1991).

This was at the Toad Taven in Denver last night. Great show!


Le lover bleu said...

I saw Mark in Phoenix at Amanda's Roller Coster. He and the Hawks sounded great, indeed...
Here is a report on my blog:

Big Ernie Fuller said...

Yeah. I've been a big fan of Mark Wenner and the 'Hawks since back in the Jimmy Thackery days. He was the first major league harp player I got to see on a regular basis, and ranks among my personal favorites.

I saw the Nighthawks recently in June at The Ellington in Lynchburg, VA, and got a chance to ask Mark about his rig. I was impressed to learn he plays an out of the box RI Bassman, with no outboard effects. Made me want to work harder on my own tone with my RI Bassman!

Just goes to show what a veteran harpman can do with standard issue equipment!!