Monday, April 18, 2016

The Lamest Way to Promote your Amp

Now, ain't this some shit? Another amp maker includes "memphis mini" and "rick davis" in his search metadata, trying to get more hits for his website. LOL
His metadata string also includes "Harp King" and "Brian Purdy." Are you kidding me? He's robbing hits from Harp King and Harp Gear?
Here is his page source.  Click on the image and check the last three lines:

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Stolen Honor - The Phony Blues Hall of Famers

There is only one Blues Hall of Fame. It is in Memphis Tennessee, and has been curated by The Blues Foundation since 1980. The Blues Foundation also awards the annual Blues Music Awards and Keeping the Blues Alive awards, as well as managing the International Blues Challenge.

In the Blues Hall of Fame there are only a few harp players. They are the true greats such as Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, Big Walter Horton, Charlie Musselwhite, Sonny Terry, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Howlin’ Wolf, and others. Induction into the Hall is reserved only for those who have made the blues timeless. It is an honor that recognizes true greatness.

If you see a certificate resembling the one above you can be almost certain the person named on it is NOT in the hall, and is committing a fraud. He wants you to believe he has earned a great award he in fact does not deserve. It is Stolen Honor. These phony certificates come from a guy with website, not from the Blues Foundation or any Blues Society. I see these all over the Internet and it seems any person can nominate himself and acquire one. They hand ‘em out like Halloween candy.

It is hard for me to believe any harp player who has even a bit of self-respect and respect for the instrument, the music, and history of the blues would display one of these phony certificates or falsely claim to have been “inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.” It is a monstrous lie.

Here is a statement from the front page of the phony blues hall of fame website: "We are big enough to hold every Blues Artist that you think should be inducted." Did ya get that? They include ANYBODY. It's like getting a participation trophy. That's not a hall of fame, it's kindergarten. Anybody who claims they were "inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame" based on one of these phony certificates is a fraud.

I encourage the blues harp community to help police this. If you revere and admire the greats who are in the Hall, you owe it to them to shame the posers who falsely claim to be their equals.

List of Performers in the Blues Hall of Fame:


An email to me from Jay Sieleman, president and CEO of the Blues Foundation:

Since September 2011, The Blues Foundation has been working to establish the bricks and mortar Blues Hall of Fame, the physical complement to the induction ceremonies that have been held every year since 1980. (It is now finished – Rick)

In the process, we have been asked about another individual who purports to have his own blues "hall of fame" using the “” domain. The short answer is that there is absolutely no connection between us and that individual or website. 

The Blues Foundation's use of the term "Blues Hall of Fame" predates that individual's use by almost 20 years. The Blues Foundation is working with legal counsel to protect its intellectual property rights related to our "Blues Hall of Fame," considered in the industry and worldwide as the ultimate recognition in blues music. As part of our efforts to protect our intellectual property, The Blues Foundation is working to challenge the third party individual's registration of "Blues Hall of Fame" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and to secure our own registration of that mark based on our prior use. 

We ask that our members, including performers and affiliates, support us in our efforts to protect and preserve the honor, legitimacy and worldwide recognition that so deservedly accompanies an induction into the Blues Hall of Fame by The Blues Foundation.

Jay Sieleman
President & Chief Executive Officer
The Blues Foundation
421 South Main
Memphis, TN 38103


UPDATE:  The Battle of the Blues Hall of Fames