Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wezo's Big Ass Speaker Cab

This is a photo of Mike "Wezo"Wesolowski's speaker testing platform. Mike built this monster to help him find the very best speaker for his take-no-prisoners harp amp, the WEZO 45.

This Big Ass Speaker Cab is cool because it allows Mike to analyze the tone of many speakers in real time, with exactly the same parameters and conditions. It makes it easy to find the differences in an "all other things being equal" testing environment. I share that exact goal for amps in my recent posts about wattage ratings.

I asked Mike which speakers stood out from the rest in this testing, and he named Eminence Ramrod, Ragin Cajun, and Delta Demon (10-inch speakers) and the Eminence Governor (12-inch speaker).

From Mike: "It measures 8' long by about 6' tall and 14 1/2" deep. ALL of the speakers are in separate 14" by 14" enclosures and there is a back panel that covers approximately 1/3 of the back of each one.

Years ago I worked in a big HiFi shop across the street from Michigan State University in East Lansing. In the high end room we had a similar setup: Many speakers wired to a switchbox the customer could use to test them all. You can learn a lot about speakers by testing this way. Since Mike is testing purely for harp tone, I'd take his recommendations seriously.

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What about the different height above the floor and where the listener's ears are?