Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Review: Ultimate Jam Tracks

The name says it all. Ronnie Shellist turned me onto this killer set of tracks to play along with. These 32 recordings are so tight and perfect it’s like having Kim Wilson’s band in your living room.

Seriously, check this out:
Quick 2 Feel in A. There’s no way you can listen to that track and not reach for your D harp.

Marching Shuffle in F. This is old school Chicago groove. I can see Big Walter out front and Ronnie “Youngblood” Earl on guitar.

You like
West Coast Swing? You can work your chops for nearly any blues/boogie genre with these tracks.

Click to
Ronnie Shellist’s YouTube channel to see him rippin’ it up with these tracks, including a great 3rd position romp on some minor blues.

Getting the Utimate Jam Tracks is ultra easy, only $25.99. Got a PayPal account?
Click on this link and you’re like one click away from downloading the tracks to your computer in mp3 format.

NOTE: If you get a message saying your order is “pending” don’t freak out. That happened to me when I ordered. You will soon get an email with a link to download the Zip file.

The Ultimate Jam Tracks are highly recommended

UPDATE: Also from Ronnie Shellist, Blues Licks For Song Endings. The price is $12.00 to download twelve audio lessons using different flavors of blues songs. I don't think anybody has done a lesson on endings before. I bought this... very cool.


Unknown said...


I bought them too yesterday. They're fantastic! The band is groowin' and relaxed on the swing. I was a blast to jam with them. In fact, I started to record my jams with these tracks before i could even listen to the entire lot. Here are what I've recorded:

"Rockin' Boogie in E"

"West Coast Swing in D"

"Marching Shuffle in F"

"Quick 2 Feel in A"

Louis Lam

Rick Davis said...

Hi Louis-

Great playing! I've reformatted your links here:

Rockin' Boogie in E

West Coast Swing in D

Marching Shuffle in F

Quick 2 Feel in A