Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carrying your Spare Tubes

I got this idea online at the Fender Forum.

If you play a tube amp you need to carry spare tubes and fuses. If you don't you are asking for trouble and an embarassing experience. I had my spares stuffed into a pocket of my gear bag... not a very good solution. When I needed the pockets for other stuff (they are perfect for stacks of harps in boxes) I looked around for another way to carry the tubes.

Wrap the tubes in bubble wrap, put them in a ZipLoc bag, and use push pins to secure them inside the amp. That way you have the correct complement of spares right in each amp.

I bought everything at Target for a few bucks. What could be better or simpler?

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Joe said...

Hey Rick - how nice to find your blog, and learn that you love amps. So do I! Of course, as you know, I'm one of those crass git-tar pickers, but whatever.

I have a number of guitars, but even more amps. Most of 'em little guys in the 5-20 watt range. Don't know how they'd be for harp, but they each offer something different to a guitar player.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw my own two cents in by saying that I've always found that the best way to transport spare tubes to the gig is in another amp!