Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Harp Amp

A new harp amp will be offered soon by an established and respected boutique amp builder. The basic model will be a 30-watt, 2x6L6 amp in a Tweed narrow panel Super cabinet. The features will include:

-All hand wired point-to-point by master amp builder. Beautifully crafted.

-Every finished amp rigorously tested by pro harp player. Guaranteed five years.

-Cloth-covered solid core wiring.

-NOS military-grade Paper in Oil capacitors. Dark, warm, lush tone.

-Beefy 50-watt power transformer. Powerful bottom end.

-Separate inputs for Normal and Crystal harp microphones.

-Separate Bass and Treble controls.

-Speakers broken in using custom harp-specific processes. Fat tone from the first note.

-"True Tone" Line Out XLR jack with level control. Perfect for PA or recording.

-30 watts of real usable power from two Tung Sol 6L6 power tubes.

-One 12-inch premium speaker.

-Tweed Super cabinet, finger jointed, solid pine with a furniture grade birch plywood baffle board.

-Under 45 pounds.

The price will be about $1000.00. The low price reflects a “No B.S.” policy: No fancy cover, No multiple coats of lacquer, and No freebies to endorsers. All those things jack up the price you pay for an amp.

The circuit for this amp is based on classic tweed designs from the 50s, but updated with proprietary enhancements to impove tone and playability. This is not another over-hyped knockoff like so many expensive harp amps out there, it is a step forward in a no-nonsense package.

The builder chose the Tweed Super platform because it allows for multiple speaker configurations with the same chassis and cab. The amp can be ordered as a 1x12, 2x10, 1x15, or 12 + 8.

I’ll pass along more details as I learn them. I’ll also have the first reviews when the amp is ready.


Anonymous said...

I saw Gary O's harp-l post regarding "knockoffs." Looks like someone is getting under his skin with this blog posting...

BrianP said...

Who is the maker?

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of amp that has been lacking out there. Smaller then the 4x10"/ 1-12"+2-10", 40-50 watts offering, but bigger than the single 8"/10" amps. I would like to know how they break in the speakers. I let my guitar player use it for a few months and that did the trick!
A davis/Mission amps product?

Anonymous said...

Rick ....any new news on this amp? I am ready to plunk down the cash!

Rick Davis said...

I just talked to the guy who's building the amps: Looks like mid March is the roll out date for the Chicago amp. NOTE: I'm buying the first one.

Anonymous said...

Rick...any news regarding this amp?

Rick Davis said...

We are close. The final tuning of the amp will start this week. Please stay tuned...