Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Notes

-I downloaded Pinetop Perkins’ album “Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie” from iTunes. This is great blues with BOTH Kim Wilson and James Cotton on harp. The songs “You Don’t Have to Go” and “Look on Yonder Wall” have sensational harp work by Wilson.

The album dates from 1992, when there were no fancy, expensive harp-specific amps. I don’t know for sure what amp Kim Wilson used in this session, but I know he was an endorser of Victoria amps back then. Check out his tone. It is exceptional even for him.

-Pandora Internet radio is da bomb. I entered one song to start my channel : Paul Butterfield’s version of “Too Many Drivers.” Pandora now plays one Chicago blues tune after another for me, almost all with harp. I’ll buy the upgrade. This thing is great.

-The Hohner Marine Band Crossover harp I ordered from Musicians Friend several weeks ago is STILL on backorder. It was supposed to be available on Nov 9.


Grooveking said...

Kim Wilson used a tweed Pro on that album. (I asked him about it at a gig).

The whole album is STELLAR but the stand outs for Wilson are "Ida B" and "Sunnyroad Blues", IMNSHO.

Rick Davis said...

Ah, the 1959 tweed Fender Pro is a fantastic harp amp. Ya gotta love the fat tone of that big ol' 15-inch Jensen speaker The '59 Pros are WAY expensive now, though. I bid on one on eBay not long ago but could not keep up with the big dawgs.

Do you happen to know if the amp was a Fender or if it was Victoia's version of the amp, called the 35115?

Grooveking said...

It was a vintage 1950s Fender. He didn't know any details except it "had a big old fat square magnet on the back".