Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Notes

-A couple weeks ago I bought a BBE Sonic Stomp pedal used on eBay for $43.00 and finally got around to trying it today. Yoiks, what a remarkable sound! I haven't played with it enough yet to offer a full review, but I can tell you I'm very impressed. That thing they say about how it "takes the blanket off your amp" is valid. I was influenced to buy it by Jason Ricci, who swears by this thing.

-I seldom review guitar amps, but I am so impressed with
Mission Amp's Tweed Vibrolux clone that I just can't stop myself from telling people about it. The guitar player in Roadhouse Joe, Matt Spinks, played through it at a recent gig. The tone was fat and complex and LOUD, with swirling overtones and great punch. Seriously, we are not a quiet band at all, and the little Vibrolux dominated in a very, very good way. The Vibrolux is rated at 18 watts but sounds huge. It is 2x6V6 driving a 12-inch Eminence Patriot Lil' Texas Neo speaker. The amp is small and light and amazing. Bruce Collins, the owner of Mission Amps is a wizard with amp tone, and I am not kidding one bit. Matt's playing electrified the packed club. I've been around the block a time or two in blues bands, and I seen 'em come and I seen 'em go. I've heard a lot of guitar players play a lot of amps. This one is special.

-Remember, on November 8th I'll have the
Fat Dog Model 2A harp amp at the blues jam we host on Sundays at Ziggies in Denver. I'm liking this amp more every time I play it. Today I threw my whole pedal board at it and it acquitted itself well. I invite and encourage all harp players to come try it out and give me their unvarnished opinions for the upcoming review of the amp.


Unknown said...

Hey Rick,

Thanks for checking out the Fat Dog 2A. I'm glad you're liking it more with continued playing.

Do you think it's your perspective that changes, or is it the sound of the amp? Maybe it's those Jensen speakers breaking in. They start to sound really good after you get a few hours on them.


Joe's Blues Blog said...

Too bad I'm not passing through town. I would love to try it out.

Unknown said...

I recently picked up a sonic stomp too. It's pretty subtle, as others have commented it's more noticable when you're not using it than when you are...I'm still trying to decide exactly what settings work best for me, though I'm leaning towards 7 or 8 for both contour and process. I'm curious what settings you've found work best. My impression is that the best settings may vary quite a bit depending on the amp, mic, other effects used, etc.

Rick Davis said...

Hi Don-

I'm not yet sure what settings I like best with the Sonic Stomp pedal. I played with it about 2 hours yesterday and kind of decided I liked both knobs on 5; straight up. But the effect was very subtle. I did like it with setting the way you have them, on 7 or 8, but the sound was so "out front" I was afraid I was overdoing it.

I spent a long time playing chords and riffs and switching the pedal on and off in the middle. I think I'll probably end up with the Lo control a little above 5 and the Process control about 7.

BTW, I used the Sonic Stomp with the Fat Dog amp at my blues jam last Sunday and I thought it sounded great.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I will take this with random notes, where there is already a comment:

Some guitar compositions of mine.

Some TABs, some scores, some both.

If you find something you like, tell me by commenting. If you find something that is just shit, tell me same way.