Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Notes

-I changed up the link list over on the right so it groups similar items and reads better. I've had quite a few nice comments about my links, so I thought I'd dress 'em up.

-My band has gone through a few changes lately. The guitar player and drummer suddenly quit because they said we were playing out too much. I didn't know there was such a thing. I found a killin' drummer -- Bruce Collins -- and it looks like we've landed a smokin' young blues guitar slinger, Matt Spinks. We'll be playing several gigs this month, ending with the big Halloween blowout at Ziggies in Denver.

-I bought a Mackie 808M powered mixer, and I've gigged it out a few times. Nice piece of gear! Plenty of power for club gigs, and great features.

-I downloaded Pat Ramsey's album, "It's About Time" from iTunes. What a tremendous talent. It is such a shame he died so young, as do so many great blues harp players.

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