Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amp News: Hummel Endorses Sonny Jr Amps

Mark Hummel is now endorsing Sonny Jr harp amps exclusively. Hummel, of course, is the impresario behind the hugely successful Blues Harp Blowout concerts, and a talented harp player, performer, and band leader. Mark Hummel has more to do with the current popularity of blues harp playing than just about any person on the planet.

This is impressive for Sonny Jr. amps. It got my attention in a big way when Gary Smith endorsed Sonny Jr. amps, and this is another big win for Gary Onofrio, the amps' maker. I talked to Gary Smith at some length about his endorsement, and I'm convinced it is sincere and complete. Smith and Hummel can play any amp they want -- probably for free -- but they chose Sonny Jr amps. Onofrio does not reveal his endorsement policy, but I doubt he gives 'em away to anybody.

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