Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roadhouse Joe Update

Here's a sound sample from our Blues Jam at Ziggies in Denver last Sunday. This is from the first set, so it is just band members playing. I'm using my standard gig rig: Mission 5F2H amp pictured above, a bullet mic with Shure CM element, Boss EQ pedal (used mostly to fight feedback), and DeltaLab Digital delay pedal. The amp is lined out to the PA. I recorded this with the Zoom H4 sitting on a table in front of the band.

Larry Cotten on bass

Matt Spinks on guitar

Bruce Collins on drums

Scott Huntington on vocals

Some guy playin' harp

1 comment:

Rob said...

Good harp chops! Its always interesting to hear different versions of one song. When I hear this one, I think of Jimi Hendrix playing this at the Monterey Pop Festival. Songs should be played with mood. So the timing and style should change with how you're feeling at the time. I mean, who wants to hear the same recording over and over and over....OH! I heard this exact same song being played the exact same way....exactly last week! This is my opinion anyhow.

Once again, great sounding harp on this one!