Monday, October 12, 2009

Pignose G40V

Last night at the blues jam we host in Denver a harp player showed up with a Pignose G40V amp. There were no other harp jammers in the club at the time so I got him right up. I was interested in hearing the amp.

Big disappointment. The tone was thin and boxy. The amp appeared to be bone stock. I've heard that these amps sound a lot better with a new speaker. It certainly couldn't sound much worse.

The guy who brought the amp played well enough and seemed to know what he was doing. He was playing through what appeared to be an early Shure Green Bullet microphone -- no volume control. At another point he played a JT-30. Same result: poor tone.

I've always thought the Pignose tube amps were good candidates for a harp amp project. Now I'm not so sure.


Joe's Blues Blog said...

A friend of mine uses a 60W Pignose. He upgraded the speaker and it sounds great.

Rick Davis said...

Joe, I've heard it does a lot better with a good speaker. But the Pignose G40V is made of the cheapest possible components. Not really a good place to start for a harp amp. I'd rather start with a Fender Pro Junior or similar...

greedy feester said...

yes the 60 watt--G60RV I believe.
I did extensive research before I picked this-no dissapointments.
Also while you are upgrading, upgrade the tubes too.

Unknown said...

This is the one that started it all more than 35 years ago. The powerful little Pignose, with that distinctively funky Pignose sound, has been on call in countless recording studios, rehersal halls, dressing rooms, dorm rooms and backyards around the world since the rockin' sixties.
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