Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wezo's Gear

[Mike Wesolowski kindly submitted this article about his gear. Nice!]

Here is my MAIN rig for over 25 years. It's a 1960 Fender Brown 210 Super.

This amp was recently modded by my amp tech at DJL Audio in Greensboro NC. He took this great amp to a new level by lowering the plate voltage and converting this class A B amp at 40 watts to a class A at 30 watts powered by EL34 power tubes. I was running 6L6s in the power stage. The preamp tubes are all 12AX7s. The speakers are not original to the amp. They are a pair of 1969 Gold Label Special Design Jensens. This amp has loads of head room and sounds better than any amp I've ever played through.

Next amp on my list of faves is my 1960 Fender Tweed Harvard. I bought this amp years ago, sight unseen for $100.00. When I took possession of it, it had been painted with black laquer paint. The grill cloth was pink and looked like it came out of a Gibson guitar case.

I had a friend of mine recover the amp. Everything else was ALL original. Since recovering the amp I've done nothing but upgrade the speaker to a Eminence Ramrod. This is the loudest 12 watt amp I've ever heard. There are three input channels successivly padded. I power the Harvard with NOS (1954) Sylvania 6V6s. and 2 12AX7s.

I recently designed and had built a custom speaker cabinet that was inspired by the old Gibson GA79-RTV amp. The cab is slanted at 12 degrees instead of the 45 degree Gibson cab. I've got 2 10" Kendrick Black frame speakers (1 in each side) and 2 Kendrick 8" speakers stacked in the center. The cab is 34" long and 22" high and 14" deep.

It throws like a mutha.

I power this cab with a 1948 Bogen (about 18 watts) running 6V6s housed in a matching head cab.

The last amp I have for you is the prototype of my own amp that my tech and I are working on. Eventually it will be called the "Wezo" and is a Harp Specific amp. we started off with an Epiphone 5 watt chasis and added another power tube (6V6s). Also we beefed up the transformers and jacked it up to about 18 watts. Also added are presence, a tone control (mostly bass) and a nifty little control that we're calling a "body" control.

What this control does is...when the knob is turned all the way to the've got 1 tube running full out. The more you turn the knob clockwise, you bring up the 2nd tube. When you're fully've got both tubes running full out. This gives you a multitude of tone and crunch possibilities. We've also added a boost switch. Like I said.....this is just the prototype. I think that we"ll end up with 30 watts by time we're through.

Several years ago I designed a harp case with enough room for all my stuff and had a case builder friend of mine build it to my specs. He has built all of my road cases for all my gear. They are all brown lamenated cases. My harp case consists of around 35 Marine Band harps (I'm a Hohner Endorsee), an Astatic Jt 30 with volume control and a 151 element. My spare mic is an Astatic T3 with volume control and a very hot Sure CM element. All of my mics (around 6) are built and or modified by Steve Warner at Thunderharpmics. I also have recently added a Kinder Antifeedback box to my set of tools. I wish I had found one of these things years ago.
They're less than a new amp and make playing through virtually any amp ; and getting good tone; possible.

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