Monday, April 14, 2008

Jason Ricci's Harp Rig

Here is harp phenom Jason Ricci with a video review of his new harp rig, including the latest from HarpGear, the HG 50 amp.

SHURE SM 57 microphone,Greg Hueman volume control, Samson Airline wireless,into a Kinder Anti Feedback Box, into a BBE Opta stomp (Optical Compressor),into a Boss Chorus Ensemble, into a Boss Harmonist, into a Boss DM-2 (Analog Delay), into a BBE Sonic Maximizer. Not in use: Behringer powered mixer and AKG wireless system.

[HarpGear is at]


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason! As always, inspiring and totally generous.
Any settings suggestions on the Boss Harmonist?
Check you at the Winterpark fest in June...
Jeff Gathercole
Denver CO

Anonymous said...

Jeff! How did we not hang out in Winter Park? E-mail me your number and I will call you asap...God I missed you and Rick both some how...