Wednesday, April 2, 2008

SOLD: 1947 Gibson BR-6 amp w/JT-30 mic

[This amp has been sold. Thanks to all who expressed interest.]

1947 GIBSON BR-6 AMP: In excellent original condition. It has been recently serviced and re-capped by Glen Whatley at MARS Amp Service in Englewood, Colorado. The amp has the original 10-inch Rola speaker, code 285652 (December of 1946). It has been re-tubed with two NOS JAN Sylvania 6V6 power tubes, Sovtek 5Y3 rectifier tube, and two new production Tung Sol tubes, 6SN7 and 6SL7. The old power cord has been replaced with a new 3-prong grounded cord. The amp is solid and ready to go. It puts out twelve watts of vintage Chicago tone; it sounds amazing. Perfect for jamming or recording, and totally giggable for small to medium blues venues. Great for fat blues guitar, too.

1945 ASTATIC JT-30 MICROPHONE: The riveted metal tag with the Youngstown Ohio address and the B-series serial number date this mic to 1945. The original owner scratched his name in the side of the mic. The original crystal element is long gone; this mic has an Astatic ceramic element made from the same element materials as a crystal MC-127 and sounds very much like the MC-127 and MC-151. Very high impedance; very hot and nasty.

Show ‘em you mean business when you walk in with this gear. The first note you play will make heads turn. This rig is the real deal. It sounds like vintage tube blues gear should.

UPDATE: "Oh yes. This little thing's got Tone for days! Thanks."

This amp was purchased by Bruno Coon, a talented musician in the L.A. area. Bruno is a Music Editor in the film industry with a long list of credits, and he works closely with Randy Newman. His Myspace site is

Thanks, Bruno!

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Dave said...

I can vouch for this particular amp. It sounded great before the work was done, and I expect it sounds even better now.