Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gravity Music Gear

Gravity Music Gear is a brick ‘n’ mortar music store in Denver that does most of its business through eBay. Their eBay store is here. They buy and sell used gear, and I’ve done quite a lot of business with them over the years. I’ve always been satisfied with them.

I bought an old Bogen tube PA head from them that turned out to need some repair, but I paid almost nothing for it so the deal was fair. Gravity Music gets a bit of grief from twits online and especially in the local Craigslist, but I have always been happy with everything I bought from them. They treated me with professionalism and fairness.

Recently I sold them a bunch of gear and I was pretty impressed with the offer they made. If you are adult enough to recognize that you can never sell your used gear for what you paid retail, Gravity Music is great. Two big plusses: They pay immediate cash for gear, and if you live in or near Denver you can pick up your item at the store to save on shipping. This gives you a big bidding advantage.

They frequently have harp-related gear, including amps and mics. I have them in my list of favorite eBay sellers and I cruise their listings frequently. You can often find real bargains. These guys are pros, and they get a thumbs up from the Blues Harp Amps Blog.

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