Saturday, May 18, 2013

My 1964 Marvel Tube Amp is for Sale -- $200

***  SOLD ***

These amps were made by Multivox in New York City, the same factories that produced the legendary Premier Twin 8 amps.  It shares some circuit features with the Twin 8, including the single 7591 power tube.

The 7591 in this amp is a vintage Multivox branded tube, almost certainly the original.  It checks out good and sounds great, so no need to replace it.  The preamp tube is a NOS Westinghouse 12AZ7.

The original speaker had some wear so I replaced it with a reconed vintage Oaktron alnico speaker from the mid 1950s.

The amp was serviced by Bruce Collins at Mission Amps in Denver:

-Install grounded power cord
-Remove the "Death Cap"
-Install cathode bypass cap on the power tube. This gave the amp a bit more punch.
-Modify the power supply.
-Test all tone caps for leakage.   Replaced as needed.
-Test all circuit voltages.
-De-oxidize the tube sockets
-install speaker jack
-Install line out

The amp produces a bit more than 6 watts at clipping.  It sounds amazingly big and warm for an amp with a 6-inch speaker.  The small alnico speaker gives it a nice compressed juke joint crunch.  When the amp gets warm it puts out that great vintage tube amp smell, too.

I’ve gigged it and it performed flawlessly.  However, I sell it as-is and make no warranties.  Carry this little less-that-10-pound amp and a cable for the line out and you are ready for anything.

Here is a brief video of the amp playing though a PA via the line out jack.

I’ve had the amp for six months and love it, but it is time to pass it along and move on to the next project.

The price is only $200 plus pro packing and shipping via UPS.  Contact me at

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