Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mission Delta Sonic Amp - Line Out Test

This is the 15-watt Mission Delta Sonic blues harp amp. The first clip is the amp by itself, and the second clip is the amp plus a line out to a PA system: Mackie 808M and Mackie speakers - typical bar band PA system.

I'm using a touch of delay (MXR Carbon Copy) for slap back. There are no effects in the PA channel. The amp is EQ'd in the PA channel with HIGHs and MIDs rolled off and the LOWs boosted.

I played the amp at a gig with a loud blues band last Saturday, and the line out is the big problem solver. Once you get it dialed in it sounds huge. I even had a bit in the monitors.

The amp has a 12AY7 in the preamp socket, and two JJ Tesla 6V6 power tubes. Bruce at Mission Amps made a couple tweaks to the tone stack since the last time you heard the amp. This is the final configuration. 


Jo said...

If you roll off the MIDs and HIGHs when using the PA, doesn't it worth to install a cap from the line out tip to ground?

Rick Davis said...

No, I want the true amp sound coming out of the line out signal. PA systems almost always are EQ'd bright, with the final EQ sliders in the familiar smile form. That is great for vocals or keyboard for bad for blues harp. So, to compensate I EQ the channel strip the harp amp is plugged into so that the upper mids and highs are rolled off.