Saturday, May 11, 2013

1970 Fender Bantam Bass Amp

This rather peculiar amp is highly coveted by some harp players and amp collectors.  Nic Clark has one and he played it at his gig last night with Bad Brad & The Fat Cats at Ziggies.

The speaker is a flat trapezoidal thing made of white styrofoam, from Yamaha.  It blew up a lot so it is rare to find one of these amps with the original speaker.  The circuit is the same as the Bassman 10 of the era:  30 watts from two 6L6 power tubes and a tube rectifier.

Nic was playing a Shure 545S mic.  A very interesting combination.  The tone was good.

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Mike Lynch said...

Interesting! I've never seen one of these amps with the original Yamaha speaker still it it.

I'll bet an Weber or Jensen alnico 15" speaker would sound good in there.