Friday, September 28, 2012

Nic Clark playing the Mission 32-20 3x10 Amp

This is Nic Clark playing the newest Mission 32-20 3x10 amp. It ships in a few days to it's new owner.

Nic is playing at Al Chesis' Thursday night blues jam at Teddy T's in Denver on Sept 27, 2012. Nic is 17 years old. The singer/guitar player in this clip is Bad Brad Stivers, who is 20 years old. The blues scene in Denver is stacked with talent.

Bruce Collins was at the jam as well. He tells me he is using slightly larger transformers for this model, stepping up the power before clipping to about 35 watts. The tone is fantastic: colorful and textured, and very loud before feedback. Nice amp.

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Unknown said...

Did this amp have the 50 watt output transformer? My 3x10 32-20 has the 50 watt PT with the 35 watt OT.