Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum for Blues Harp

[NOTE:  This EH 44 Mag amp pedal is for sale:  $100 + shipping]

The little EH 44 Mag pedal sounds good for blues harp, and takes effects well. At 44 watts it is very loud: I had the volume on 9 o'clock in this demo and it rocked. It starts to get nice and crunchy when the volume knob passes 2 o'clock but the small space did not allow for that.

This demo is as much about my pedal board as it is about the 44 Mag. With the settings I use the effects are really very subtle, making the tone deeper and a bit crunchier with a touch of slap back echo. I rarely use the EQ pedal but the EH 44 Mag sounded a little bright.

The Verdict: The Electro Harmonic 44 Magnum pedal/amp is totally giggagle. It has nice fullness and tone. It makes a great back-up in case the Bassman craps out in the middle of a show.

Details: The Bright switch on the 44 Mag was set to Normal. The speaker cabinet is a stock Epiphone Valve Jr cab with the 12-inch 16-ohm Eminence Lady Luck speaker.

The effects pedals are Kinder AFB+, MXR Carbon Copy, Boss EQ7, and BBE Sonic Stomp. All the effects have very low settings.


Bruh Luuh said...

iLove this Rig!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Rick....did you ever sell the 44 Magnum? I might have a need for it. Let me know... Jon

Rick Davis said...

Jon, I still have it. email me