Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5F2H Amp by HarpGear!

Actually, Brian Purdy at HarpGear built a 5F2H kit a few years ago to check it out and eventually sold it. The amp popped up on Harp-L and got snapped up immediately. The 5F2H is pound for pound and dollar for dollar the best sounding harp amp anywhere, and any amp built by Brian is a gem.

The guy who bought it is named Paul, and he and I have been emailing back and forth about the care and feeding of a 5F2H. Here is a link to the pictures posted by the guy who sold the amp:


Nice! I like the tweed cab, but I prefer my
snakeskin and 12-inch speaker.

I'd like to hear from other 5F2H owners. We should start a club or something...

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