Monday, May 18, 2009

Jason Ricci workin' his Delay Pedals

This is great. Jason sent me a heads-up on a new YouTube vid he made that compares two good delay pedals: The BBE Two Timer and the vintage Boss DM-2. Beyond being an interesting comparison, it is a quick lesson in how to set up your pedal.

In the comments on YouTube, Mike asked what the exact settings were and Jason shot back with this: "Man come on mike ...Just mess with the thing for two seconds till it sounds good...My settings would be different with different pedals and a a different amp...unless you got the exact same ferrets as I do then you need to weasel your rhinocerous n shit." Yep, ya gotta weasel your rhinocerous...

What I noticed is that Jason uses more repeats than I do... I have the "Repeats" control on my delay pedal all the way down so there is only one repeat: a "slap back." Jason and Adam Gussow both use more repeats and slightly more time. So I plugged in and weaseled my rhino and dang... that sounds pretty good! Maybe Jason and Adam know something 'bout harp tone.

I'm gonna try this at our gig Wednesday night at Herman's in Denver, but the ferrets in that room may be different than at home. We'll see how it sounds.


Mike Fugazzi said...

I've found that at home, using more repeats stinks. Live, they sound fantastic.

Rick Davis said...

Hey Mike, good to hear from you. Yep, I tried a little more of everything on my delay pedal at the gig last week at Herman's Hideaway in Denver and it sounded fantastic. I increased the delay Time slightly, to about 11 o'clock on my pedal. I increased Repeats from a single slapback to about 12 o'clock on the pedal, and increased the Level to 11 o'clock. This is way more delay than I have been using, and I loved it. It wasn't all spacey and reverbish, but it was way fat on the crunchy tone I get out of the 5F2H amp and bullet mic.