Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Voodoo 5F2H Amp at Work

Here is a short clip of the 5F2H amp at band practice. The drummer took a break and the guitarist started jamming on some slow blues. You can hear me asking what key.

Click here for the sound clip.

In this configuration the 5F2H amp has the Mojotone speaker and a TAD 6L6WGC STR power tube. It's not mic'ed and I'm not using any effects. The recording was made with the Zoom H4 field recorder in the corner of the room.


Texharp said...

love the lizard skin. For a gear nut this is an awesome blog, thanks!

Unknown said...

The guitarist was playing all the notes fast and slick and going nowhere. The harp knew that sometimes it's the notes you don't play that create the feeling.
Great playing, and I hope the guitarists therapist helps him through his difficult phase.

Rick Davis said...

Yeah, the guitar player eventually left the band. The guy we have now is much better.

This link was broken for some time, and I just today fixed it.