Thursday, July 17, 2008

So Far, So Good

Since I started this blog back in March we have had over 16,000 page views, with the average visitor staying more than three minutes. Our readership grows every week. Not bad for a new, narrow special-interest blog, and people are returning again and again to read the articles. Most new visitors get here by searching Google for info on harp amps.

It is interesting that less than 60 percent of our visitors are from the United States. This blog has attracted visitors from over 40 different countries.

Plans for the future include more long-term hands-on reviews of harp amps in real-world situations. I’ve gotten commitments from some amp vendors and builders to loan me their gear for review, or to help me find an owner willing to share his gear. I’ve been in contact with several of the best harp players out there to discus gear and tone. More on that later.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Check back again as the quest for tone rolls on...

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