Sunday, July 20, 2008

Masco, Alamo, K-Zoo Amps For Sale

Here are some great harp amps offered for sale by a guy who is pretty well-known in the harp community. I see his email/handle in many harp-centric sites on the web:

Masco Combo amp -"These rare combo amps rarely show up for sale. Mine has a fair amount of cosmetic "patina", cool look. The amp itself is really nice looking, no rust or corrosion. It works fine but is original, some pops and crackles, pots are a little scratchy, speaker seems fine. I would recommend a good amp tech. The guy here is one of the best in the midwest but takes a year to look at your stuff unless you're a rock star."

Alamo Model 3 -"This is the highly desirable wooden cabinet model, sounds terrific, rivals my Kendrick Champ,probably louder! Killer for harp! I have seen some really high prices for these on ebay in the last year. Exc. shape."

Alamo Capri -"Small practice amp in very nice cosmetic shape, sounds similar to a Harmony but i think a bigger sound, Alamo amps work well for harp."

Kalamazoo II -"Greg Heumann went hrough this one, superb player, looks nice too."

Offers are invited for these collectible gems. Email

[Dang! I might throw down an offer on a couple of those bad boys... -Rick]

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Jim said...

I found a MASCO MU-17 a year ago for $30.....took it in a month ago and got it restored....neeeded $350 worth of work including a new Jensen speaker but HOLY CRAP !!! This was sooo worth it....As a harp player..this thing has tone like nothing other....plugged in my vintage JT-30 and no pedals..I was truly amazed at the tone this thing has......My Champ and my Blues Deluxe have nothing on this little brown monster...AMAZING ! If you can find one.....BUY IT !