Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rhythm Tech Mountable Gig Tray

I was enjoying this new vid posted by Adam Gussow of Satan & Adam and noticed he is using the Rhythm Tech Mountable Gig Tray. Check out the mic stand on the right side of the picture.

I've been using that piece of gear for about a year. It's great for harp players... It's a handy staging area for harps and mics between your harp case/gig bag and the performance.

Keeping your harps and mics handy during a gig has always been a problem. Some players go to a lot of trouble to have their entire harp collection on stage in a big case within easy reach at all times. I found that to be a huge pain. With the MGT I can line up the harps I know or suspect I will need in the next set, and they are right there mounted on my vocal mic stand. The MGT has a rubberized mat to avoid clinks or handling noise, side rails to ensure your harps don't get knocked to the floor, and even a hook underneath to hang a towel or chamois or mic or whatever. Very, very handy, and very well made.

As the name suggests it is made for rhythm players, to hold maracas or tambourines or shakers, but it is also ideal for harp players. It is a good place to put your beverage, as well. They sell for about 40 bucks at all the usual places. Highly recommended.


Adam Gussow said...


I wondered what that tray was called! The new Satan and Adam drummer had one kicking around and insisted on giving it to me; that was only the second gig I'd used it at, and it is indeed an amazingly useful prop. I'm more disorganized than most harp players, so it really helps me clean up my act. Highly recommended

Rick Davis said...

Hey Adam-

Yeah, that little gig tray is just right for uncluttering and organizing your gig-space.

Hey, are you guys gonna add a bass player? You're getting kinda far from the street, but I like the sound...