Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dan Treanor's Blues Harp Blowout with RJ Mischo

The Old South Pearl Street Blues Festival in Denver, July 10 2010 - Dan Treanor's Blues Harp Blowout. This is the finale, with RJ Mischo, Ronnie Shellist, Clay Kirkland, Teresa Lynne, Al Chesis, Nic Clark, and Dan Treanor. They are all playing through RJ's chrome JT-30 microphone and a Fender blackface Super Reverb amp.

It was a great summer show. There are lots more videos from this festival at my YouTube channel.

I'll be playing at Dan Treanor's 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Blues Harp Blowout in October. Can't Wait!


Anonymous said...

INHO, Nic Clark stole the show. He was the only one who didn't over play. He stayed in the pocket with a great grove and great tone. You could listen to his playing all day long.

Rick Davis said...

Yep, Nic has great feel for the groove. He always gets the deepest tone when he's on stage with with other harp players.

Nic's harp hero is Gary Primich, with major influences from Big Walter and Sonny Boy (Rice Miller). I'd say the kid is on the right track, eh?

Christopher Richards said...

Man I missed a good one, had a gig at the Rhythm on the River Festival in Longmont or would have been there. Nic "Cottonseed" Clark at only 15 just keeps getting better & better, he's now one of the youngest ever Hohner endorsees... a nice addition to the great blues scene here in CO! Good chops from EVERYONE (Al Chesis, Ronnie Shellist, Clay Kirkland, Teresa Lynn, Cottonseed, Dan Treanor & RJ Mischo. (where was AC Blue?) Thanks to Dan for puttin' it together & to Rick Davis for recording the event.

Rick Davis said...

There were 10K people at this Fest, all packed into a street a couple blocks long. The view from the stage was impressive! Congrats to the organizers for staging such a successful event. All the performers I talked to were knocked out by the crowd.