Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Tweaks to the Champ

Amp Porn. My naked 1971 Fender Champ. See that output transformer? It's about twice the size of the original. See that choke? There isn't supposed to be a choke on a Champ. Hmmm...


Big Ernie Fuller said...

Hi Rick,
Just curious to know what kind of OT and choke you used on your Champ.

I have a '77 model that I modded acording to your prior specs: 5V4 rectifier, 10A-125-0 Weber speaker, & removed the NFB loop, but I find it a bit lacking volume wise. I'm wondering if an upgrade to the OT would help.

Rick Davis said...

Hi Ernie-

I'm not sure.... you might contact Bruce at Mission Amps, send him the picture of the choke and OT. I'm sure he could identify them.

Yep, the modified Champ is not all that loud. My VHT Special 6 amp is much louder. The culprit in the Champ is the Weber speaker. It is not very efficient.

The OT & choke upgrade made the Champ a bit louder. If higher volume is your goal, try a speaker with higher efficiency. When I was working on the Champ project I was going more for tone than volume.