Monday, March 29, 2010

Dan Treanor

Last night Dan Treanor dropped into the Blues Jam my band Roadhouse Joe hosts at Ziggies in Denver. My GAWD, what a tremendous harp player! In this pic he is playing "sweet" into the vocal mic, before he pulls that EV RE-10 mic out of his pocket and plays "nasty." He was plugged into my 1953 Masco ME-18 amp (visible in lower left), and he sounded incredible.

More pictures from the jam can be found at our
Myspace site.

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Joe's Blues Blog said...

Dan is a an excellent harp player and a great guy. I met him at the jam at the Boulder Outlook a few years ago while I was on a business trip. He welcomed me. He was very kind and let me use his fantastic Bandmaster and other gear.n14