Monday, June 2, 2008

Jason Ricci's Bassman for Sale

Jason Ricci's backup Fender Bassman amp is for sale. I received this email from Brian at

"I have an interesting opportunity for someone who is into collecting amps. I have Jason Ricci's back up Bassman. This is the amp that he carried and used on the road to back up the "Egyptian" which was his main Bassman he will never part with. This is one of the two actual Bassmans he played through when he was still playing through Bassman amps. I am going to offer this amp on Ebay for anyone who is interested in the opportunity to own this amp. It sounds amazing and is very broke in. Anyone who has seen him play through his Bassman know how good his amps sound. It is in perfect operating condition in the exact shape I got it from Jason. He has engraved his name very small on the corner of the control panel and he has written his contact info on the inside and also signed the inside. "

Jason Ricci switched to the new HarpGear 50, which was a huge coup for Brian Purdy, the talented builder of HarpGear amps. Now Brian offers Jason's backup Fender Bassman for sale. That is extremely cool, and I wish I had room in my collection right now for another big amp. if you are interested you should jump on this quickly before Brian lists it on eBay...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Man) I need it. I'm from Russia, and plaing on harp. Im musicant and don't have much money but How much it?