Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Baddest Harp Amp on the Planet

Adam Gussow gushes about his 1956 Fender Bassman. You gotta watch this vid...


Adam Gussow said...

Thanks for highlighting this video. Of all 134 that I've uploaded, this is the only one I'm truly not sure I should leave up. I was trying to create something like harp amp porn, and I think I did--but it's a little creepy, and I don't blame anybody for thinking "WTF??!"

Still, the tone speaks for itself. Maybe ya gotta be this crazy sometimes to be a harp player.

Rick Davis said...

Hey Adam, I love that video. I feel the same way you do about really good vintage harp amps, and that old Bassman of yours is a monster.

Yep, we gotta be a little nuts to spend so much time and money playing an instrument most people regard as a toy. Thanks for all your generosity of time and wisdom on YouTube and Modern Blues Harmonica. You make us all better.