Sunday, March 30, 2008

Review: Weber Beam Blockers

I tried the Weber Beam Blocker diffusers in the 2x10 cab I use for larger club dates. The Beam Blocker is a simple device that mounts in front of your speaker, behind the baffle, with a small dome in the center. The curved part of the dome faces the speaker and diffuses the "beaminess" that emanates from the center of your driver.

It works. The speaker is a lot less directional and sounds warmer, fuller, and more balanced in the room. As a side benefit, it cuts down on feedback problems through the harp mic. Any small help with feedback is a miracle for harp players.

In my configuration, I have the Beam Blockers in a 2x10 closed back cab from Avatar (quite large for a 2x10). The speakers are a Jensen Mod 10-35 and a Weber Signature 10-25, both with ceramic magnets. Mounting the Beam Blockers involves removing and replacing your speakers; that's all. I've heard complaints from guitar players about a rattle in their cabs, but I've never had that problem. I can't see how that would happen if everything was properly mounted and tightened.

This seems like a good device for harp players, but I don't know of any other harp players who use them. Have any of you tried these? I give the Weber Beam Blockers a big thumbs up.

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