Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Current Favorites

-1970 Fender Champ, hot-rodded for harp, 6 watts
-1950s Masco ME-18 (2x6L6) w/Avatar 2x10 cab, 25 watts
-1947 Gibson BR-6 (2x6V6, 10-inch field coil speaker, one knob, killer tone), 12 watts

This is a list of the stuff I take when I play out:
(One or two of the amps, and...)

Boss BCB-30 Pedal board
-Boss GE-7 equalizer
-Ibanez AD-9 delay
-Sabine FBX SL-620 feedback exterminator
-Visual Sound 1Spot power supply

Fender Tweed Harp Case
-20 Hohner diatonic harmonicas
-1946 Astatic JT-30 mic w/crystal element
-Custom JT-30 mic w/Shure CM element
-EV M-43U mic w/Shure CM element
-Small flashlight

Musicians Friend large tweed gear bag
-Rhythm Tech Mountable Gig Tray
-Harmonica Honker mic
-Bottle o’ Blues mic
-Hughes & Kettner Red Box Pro
-Two 3-foot Planet Waves speaker cables
-Two 20-foot XLR cables
-Four instrument cables
-Two extension power cords
-Morley ABY pedal
-Monster power conditioner/ground tester
-Spare tubes
-Spare fuses
-Business cards
-Leatherman tool
-Phillips screwdriver
-Zoom H4 digital recorder (optional)

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