Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Small amp from Mission Amps

This is the new small amp from Bruce at Mission Amps, sitting on the bench in his shop. The amp is now down in my amp room. Bruce asked me to thrash it out for a couple weeks.

A few design decisions have been made:

-It will come in a tweed Harvard cab, as you see in the picture.
-The speaker will be the 10-inch Eminence Lil Buddy.
-The power tubes will be two 6V6,
-The preamp tube will be a 12AY7.
-It will have a line out.
-It will sell for under $900.

It makes an honest 15 watts and sounds great. It weighs in at 24 pounds.  I'll put up some videos over the next few days to show how it sounds. I also plan to take it to Doc Brown's Jam at Ziggies in Denver on Sunday to let other players try it and get their opinions.

One thing the amp does not have is a name. Bruce wants to hear your suggestions. The amp is cathode biased for some mellow crunch and warm sag tone. You got a name for that? Let me know and I'll pass it along.


Soloharp said...

Rick, what great news!. Bruce has had a good idea, I can think of a few:
"Fifteen fire" or "15 Fire",
"Rocket 15","Fifteen Giant"

Best regards.


Unknown said...

How about...

1. The Mission “Blues Master”
2. The Mission “Old School”
3. The Mission “Screamer”
4. The Mission “Throwback”
5. The Mission “Blues Buddy”
6. The Mission “Blues Performer”
7. The Mission “Little Big Man”
8. The Mission “Lil’ B”
9. The Mission “Sidekick”
10. The Mission “Showtime”
11. The Mission “Harp Buddy”
12. The Mission “Lil’ Chicago”
13. The Mission “Real Deal”
14. The Mission “Cool Cat”
15. The Mission “Vintage”
16. The Mission “Blue Blood”
17. The Mission “Big Stuff”
18. The Mission “Harp Voice”

Soloharp said...

Rick, could put some photos of the amp, back, tubes, interior?