Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Latest Project - Premier Twin 8 amp

The Premier Twin 8 is an icon of vintage harp tone, known for it's colorful crunchy tone.  It arrived yesterday and needs a bit of work.  It still has the flimsy power cord and 2-prong plug.  The pilot lamp is burned out.  And, it needs a general going-over by a good tech.

The power tube (7591) and the rectifier look to be original, as do all the tone caps.  The preamp tubes are Tung Sol 12AX7.  The layout and tone are similar to the vintage Marvel amp I rehabbed recently.  They were both made by Multivox in the early 60s.

It is a small bugger.  I will put up a photo later with something to reference its size.

I'll report back as this project progresses.  This should be fun!

(That's a regular Mississippi Saxophone harp case next to the Twin 8.)

First test recording

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