Monday, July 30, 2012

A 12+10 Version of the Mission Chicago Amp

Last night at Ziggies Famous Blues Jam Bruce Collins -- the master amp builder from Mission Amps -- brought in his latest creation: A new version of the great Chicago 32-20 amp but with two speakers, a 12- and 10-inch. Several harp players blew through the amp and it sounded sick. Phat warm tone with good cut. I want one...

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12-inch Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker with hemp cone, and a Jensen alnico 10-inch speaker.

NOTE:  The jammer playing the amp is not an owner or endorser.  He played the amp because it was available and he graciously allowed me to video his performance.


Soloharp said...

Rick, looks awesome amp, Bruce knows how to do things very well. Jensen however the loudspeaker 10 "appears a alnico, a P10Q instead of a ceramic can be?
That's the ideal configiraciĆ³n ml of a medium amp with 12 - and 10-inch. The Cannabis Rex speakers is one of the best speakers I've tried to harp, but I really like Jensen are very bright, I prefer the weber, perhaps a alnico smooth cone with a break soon with the Cannabis Rex would be a perfect blend .

I will calculate for customs and shipping to Spain to buy an amp, the problem is that there now are up customs tax 3% more, we must now pay 21%, is an abuse!

It would be nice if someone, like you, Nic Clark or Al Chesis make a long show this amp to appreciate what is undoubtedly one of the best options for an amplifier medium.


Rick Davis said...

Indeed, the 10-inch speaker is a P10Q alnico. I corrected my error.

I may get a chance to get video of Al Chesis playing the amp tonight. Bruce plans to bring it to Al's Jam at Teddy T's Continental Room, which is not far from where I live.

Andrew B. said...

I think that's my Chicago 32-20 Bruce just finished for me, unless he built 2 of the 12"x10" amps with the same speaker combo. Anyway, I am more than excited to get my hands on this rig. I should see it by Wed or Thursday of this week.

I want to thank Bruce for his relentless search for amazing tone. Thank You!!!

Rick Davis said...

Andrew, I think it is yours. I know it was on its way to a customer. Some of the best harp players around Denver got to play this amp and they loved it, including Al Chesis and Mojo Red. I thought it just ripped. I hope we didn't nick it up or spill any beer on it... But that amp now has some serious mojo workin'.

I wasn't able to get any video last Thursday at Al's jam, (I had to take off) but the amp was sounding fantastic.

Andrew B. said...

Thanks for posting the pic's and video Rick, also thanks to Al Chesis, Mojo Red and everyone else at Ziggies for running it through it's paces, a real honor for me.