Saturday, May 26, 2012

For Sale - Original 1958 Bassman Amp

[This amp has been SOLD.]

Wyn Walke has a very nice amp for sale:
"The board hasn't been changed, tape label is Lily-signed, even the power cord is still original. Spkrs also all original, but the 2 left ones' voice coils are open, and need attention. Pretty common from what I understand.
Some crackly noise when amp first comes off standby, but when I plug in to Normal channel, crackly goes away and it sounds great. Bright channel works, but needs some attention. Tweed missing from bottom panel, some tear in the grill cloth. Amp was gigged in its lifetime, 3 small cig burns on top as well as the typical drink ring from having set a beer or soda on top. More pix available upon request. Amp is presently near DC area."
Wyn is asking $6700.  Contact me and I'll pass your mail along to him.

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