Monday, August 29, 2011

Tube Down? Why?

Here's 15-year old Nic Clark of Denver CO getting monster harp tone through a STOCK Fender Deville 410 amp. No mods to the amp; it even has the stock 12AX7 preamp tubes. Nic is playing straight into the amp with no pedals, no delay, nothing. He is using a vintage Astatic JT-30 Crystal mic.

If you haven't heard Nic and his band lately, they are sounding outstanding. They'll be in Memphis in February for the IBC competition, and I expect them to do very well.


Big Ernie Fuller said...

Yeah, I've been through the whole deal with changing pre-amp tubes on my Bassman reissue. All it really does is allow you to turn your volume knob higher before feedback, without givng you any real increase in actual volume. It also takes away some of the amp's "punch" as well.

In all, feedback is best reduced with a volume control, rather than risk messing it up with lower gain tubes.

Ray said...

Yes, Big Ernie - you are SO RIGHT.

I messed with sort of stuff years ago.

However, I don't even use volume controls, either. I'm running through a bone-stock '68 Super Reverb.