Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mission V-Front 5B4 Super - (Updated)

I was visiting Mission Amps in Denver last week when Bruce Collins asked me to plug into a guitar amp he was ready to ship to see how it sounded with harp. It sounded sensational.

The amp was a clone of the late 40s - early 50s Fender Super, with the distinctive V front and chrome prow.

Very interesting amp: The front end is 3 octal NOS 6SL7 GT preamp tubes. The power section is two cathode biased 6L6 tubes with an NOS 5U4G coke bottle recto tube. It makes about 24 watts. A very old-school design, and very similar to my 1953 Masco ME-18 amp. No wonder I liked it so much.

The speakers are two Weber 10-inchers: a 10A100 and a 10A125.

I immediately loved the tone. It is so Chicago: Warm sag with a mellow crunch. The tone oozes like honey.

Contact Mission Amps for more info.


Jimmy Seville said...

Rick, on Sunday Mojo and I were over at Mission Amps show room. I played guitar awhile back on this amp and felt it need a little more gas for my needs as a guitarist, but I felt it would be a better harp amp. Anyway I had Mojo play through this amp and it kicked ass, Mojo wants one now, he even asked Bruce to sell it to him on the spot. I think Mission Amps has a winner here for all you harp players. Thats my opinion as a guitarist.

Rick Davis said...

Hey Jimmy- Yeah, the cathode biasing makes it a little squishy for guitar but smooooooooth for blues harp. I loved it the moment I played it. And if Mojo Red likes it its gotta have tone for miles...

Unknown said...

Hey Rick, yeah, that amp has got perfect old-shool tone. Amazing overtones, super responsive to cupping techniques, and not muddy at all, even with low-key harps. . And yes, I want it bad. Not as versatile as my other Mission model, but for a straight-up Blues amp, it's the real deal.