Monday, August 2, 2010

We Won!

Well... it was only the first round of the International Blues Challenge, but The Roadhouse Joe Blues Band took first place! Now it's on to the regional (Denver area) IBC finals on Sept 12. Then... Memphis, baby!

The Mission Chicago amp killed, with huge fat tone. I added a little delay, set it on Fixed Bias, volume on 5. Sounded great. You can see the amp behind me in this photo.

And.... yes, I am that tall.


Joe's Blues Blog said...

Congrats Rick!

Ev630 said...

Well done.

I know folks who made it to Memphis. Their advice is: buy a suit.

Rick Davis said...

Drew, thanks. Funny story about the suit: I announced to the band that I was going to wear a suit, but the morning of the IBC (and several days before) it was so hot I just could not bear the thought of a suit, so I wore what you see. The band ragged on me a bit for that.

One member of our band, Dan Treanor, has made it to Memphis twice in the IBC. He's got lots of advice, and so far it has been golden.

Joe's Blues Blog said...

Good grooming and hygiene is important! A suit and haircut, if applicable are a necessity.

Rick Davis said...

Grooming and hygene?

Hey, I got a look at the line-up of bands in the other 3 1st round sessions here in Denver. Yikes! Lots of pro players.

It will be great to share the stage and compete with them at the finals in September. At this point, I'm just looking forward to the experience.

Ev630 said...

I know one act that made it to the finals last year, and have played with another who made it in years gone by.

The act last year - went straight out and bought suits after seeing the competition. You need to have your shit together musically and in terms of stage presence and presentation.

They weren't raggedy, had nice clothes - but the suits and shoes were deemed a must. If it's too hot, I'd recommend a quality, reasonably subtle bowling shirt with a pair of black slacks and good shoes.

Good luck!

Rick Davis said...

Drew, who knew you were a fashionista??!!

Yep, last year's IBC winner -- The Grady Champion Band -- wore suits. If you look online for photos from IBC finals all the top bands are dressed sharp.

BTW... I saw Grady Champion at the Pearl Street Blues Festival here in Denver last month. They weren't wearing suits, but they kicked ass.

Joe's Blues Blog said...

Check out his youtube videos! He's got some killer threads in the closet.