Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nic Clark plays the Mission Chicago harp amp

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Mike McDermott said...

Hi Rick,
How 'bout that young Nic!? Very impressive, tastey young player. Great to see and hear!
I'm one of those fools that will get half + what I paid new for a SJ410. It makes me sick. It's a great amp, don't get me wrong, but the Gary B.S., psycho rantings and double talk I endured over the years has put a bad taste in my mouth and want to sell it. I appeciate your 1x12 insight. I own a Silvertone 1432/Weber P12N. It's an absolutely KILLER harp and guitar amp..period! Do like two or more different speakers in a box though for texture. Love your site and will be checking in often from now on. All the best to you,
Mike McDermott