Monday, February 1, 2010

Masco Update

This is renowned Denver harp player AC Blue blowin' through my Masco ME-18P amp and Epi cab. The place was packed and the joint was jumpin' at the Sunday Blues Jam my band hosts at Ziggies.

All the players raved about the tone of the Masco, including Ronnie Shellist, Nick Clark, and AC. That amp has finaly reached its potential, I think. It sounded fantastic. The amp has two old Coke bottle 6L6 tubes and puts out exactly 20 watts just as it starts to clip.

The Masco was on for several hours. The only glitch was when it stopped working for a minute, but the best I can tell is that the fault was the mic cable or microphone used by the guy who was playing it at the time. When we changed up players the amp came back to life and worked flawlessly for the rest of the night. Not bad for an amp born in 1953.

Ronnie Shellist

Nick Clark (playing a Front and Center microphone)


Peter said...

I know you are sick of me telling you that you will regret selling your Me18, but clearly this article proves I'm right! Now, here's something to try. Get an extension speaker cable so you can piggyback on your friends 4x10, 2x10, 10+12, etc. and try that amp. That amp can drive a bunch of didn't speaker configurations. Have you done this yet?

Rick Davis said...

Peter, you were so right!

I haven't tried the Masco through a 4x10 cab yet, but I've played it through 1x10, 2x10, and 1x12. I never could get the tone I liked with the 2x10, even though it had two of Weber's best alnico harp speakers. I liked the 1x10, but the 1x12 is perfect, I think.

I kind of have a bias toward blues harp played out of a single 12-inch speaker. It just sounds right to me lately whenever I hear guys playing that configuration.

And thanks for nagging me about not sellling the Masco. Yes, you were right.

Ev630 said...

Man you have me salivating.

But I'm gonna be disciplined and not hassle Skip. Just let him work his mojo.

I'll be playing mine through either 4x10 or 1x15...

Rick Davis said...


Yep, don't get Skip all riled up. He takes his time but it is way worth it.

Write up a review when you get it, and I'll put it up on the blog.

Ev630 said...

Watcho do man? The Gussow forum has esploded.

Rick Davis said...

EV630- it went the way of most heated blog threads: It descended into ad hominem pejoratives.

But I succeeded in doing what I wanted to: I put the smug OBers (they are not all smug) on the defensive. The tone of the place has been such that we who choose not to play overblows were regarded as inferior. That is absurd.

I gave them something to chew on. I'm not happy that the thread melted down, but that is the way it goes when you challenge some hackneyed notion that has become conventional wisdom.

BTW... your comments on the thread were often hilarious.